Mayon being watched

Mayon, a volcano in the Philippines, is on watch for an eruption after experiencing small explosions. Philvolcs, (short for the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology), reports a small ash emission – ~200 feet – but they feel that there isn’t an imminent threat of an eruption. Mayon is an relatively active volcano in the Philippines, last erupting in 2006 and is well known for its prototypical conical volcano shape (see above).


Mixed results for the Aleutians

The folks up in Alaska have a lot to watch these days in the Aleutians, with three volcanoes erupting right now. Just a quick update on the current activity:

  • Kasatochi: The eruption that started Thursday and produced 45,000 foot ash columns has quieted by Saturday, but there are still moderate (M=5) earthquakes being recorded near the island (above, before eruption).
  • Okmok: Ash from the month-long eruption is falling on islands near the caldera.
  • Cleveland: Activity at Cleveland has quieted to the point that no ash column was spotted on Saturday.