When there is no news …

As you could probably figure out, sometimes there isn’t much new volcano-related news out there in the get interwebs. I’ve been trying to think of ways to fill in some of that time, but I thought I’d ask you, the readers, what you’d like to see. Please respond to the poll (below) and leave me comments on any ideas you might have for material that you might find interesting here on Eruptions
The Eruptions Poll
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I look forward to your suggestions!
(Sorry about pushing you offsite for the poll. I can’t seem to get a poll to embed itself here on WordPress. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to read them.)


11 thoughts on “When there is no news …

  1. I’m another one who wanted to click “all of the above”.
    There is a huge gap between the popular science type explanations you find in the media and the scientific papers released by volcanologists. Anything that helps us read and understand the latter would be highly appreciated!

  2. All of the above is a good option. I picked current eruptions, since there is usually not a lot of news coverage of eruptions. As far as a primer on volcanos, that is available elsewhere.
    Maybe you could add some internet links (that you trust) to some accounts of historic eruptions.
    I liked Lisa’s suggestion as well.

  3. The poll didn’t allow me to tick all the boxes…
    I love your site just as it is so, for me, if you don’t change it then I for one won’t mind a bit.

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