Huila continues to cause concern

Nevado del Huila in Colombia continues to keep officials in the southeast region of the country on their toes as they wait to see what the volcano might do. There was increased seismicity over the weekend according to Jair Cardoso of the Attention, Prevention and Disasters Committee, along with minor steam and ash emissions. The Colombian geological survey, INGEOMINAS, will be sending experts (including Marta Calvache and Cesar Eduardo Lopez) to examine the current state of the volcano and try to decipher what state the magmatic system is in: ready to erupt or just gurgling away. 
(Of note, in this article is the fact that I’m not 100% convinced that the accompanying picture is, in fact, Huila. Can anyone confirm this?)


3 thoughts on “Huila continues to cause concern

  1. Whoops!,…my bad Erik! The picture in question IS NOT Huila! I saw the picture on another press release as well! Sorry about the mix-up!

  2. Thanks Rodger … just to be sure I wasn’t too vague, I linked to the picture in question (see above). I have just never seen pictures of Huila with so little snow.

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