Eruptions Mailbag

So, I get a steady diet of email messages here at the Eruptions HQ, so I thought I could try a little roundup of the great information/links that you readers are sending (and I apologize for taking so long for some of these). Enjoy!
– Tim Stone tells us about GeoEye pictures of volcanoes. GeoEye is the new satellite launched to add to the Google Earth images of the planet. There are some quite striking images of volcanoes included in the collection.
– Richard Roscoe sends us to some updated images of the on-going volcanic activity on Montserrat. As usual, there is an abundance of excellent images and information on this Photovolcanica page.
– Dan Cerveny points us to the preview of a new TV show that talks about the current eruption at Chaiten in Chile. In Harm’s Way (on the CW) is about dangerous professions (volcanologists are always assured of a place on that list) and episode 106 featured John Seach quest for pieces of the volcano. Not sure when it might air again, but I’m sure it will pop up on reruns (or online).
Keep the emails coming!


5 thoughts on “Eruptions Mailbag

  1. Dan – I’ll be darned, you’re right. The show schedule seems to be pretty arbitrary right now, so maybe we’ll never see the exciting life of the volcanologist. Must not be as cool as being a bull rider.

  2. Erik,
    The In Harm’s Way episode about Chaiten never aired. The CW network advertised the show for a week, but for some unknown reason it was pulled at the last minute. All indications suggest that it will never be seen.

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