Volcano Movie Poll

8 thoughts on “Volcano Movie Poll

  1. I loved Supervolcano. Im sure to most people it introduced the idea that volcanoes were capable of destroying civilization as we know it. I think the basis around fact thrown in with some pretty cool special effects and not too bad acting made it a very enjoyable film but also educated at the same time is the reason I liked the film so much. Really got me interested in volcanoes but not in the doom mongering were all going to die from a super eruption way but more in a real geniune interest in volcanoes.
    Dante`s Peak wasnt a bad film either, some very cool pyroclastic flow effects in that film.

  2. Dante’s Peak. Because I haven’t seen the rest except for Volcano, and when I saw that I was young enough to get a love of volcanoes AND a terror of being anywhere near an eruption. (I’ve gotten over that a bit in the last ten years, so my fear may now be classed only as “rational”.)

  3. It has to be Dante’s Peak. The Grandma gives her life to save the grandchildren and dies a gruesome death. (She is partially dissolved alive in a sulfuric lake.)

  4. I really love Dante’s Peak.. because it’s the one with the most realism in it..
    At last we have a movie which depicts a volcanic catastrophe in a (mostly) accurate way…
    The only scene which looked obviously faked is when they use their 4×4 to cross a solidifying lava flow.. tires skidding on molten basalt, anyone? :p
    I don’t have too much problems with the lava fountaining in an explosive eruption context.. these things may happen, kinda like on those basaltic stratovolcanoes like Kliuchevskoi, Llaima, Etna, Fuego which often erupt in this way, simultaneously shooting enormous eruption columns sky-high, and vomiting large amounts of lava from flank fissures..
    And yep… the pyroclastic flow effects were really really wicked….

  5. Truthfully, I thought Krakatoa: The last days was the best, but in its absence supervolcano. It was easily the most realistic of any of thew above listed volcano movies. It was scientifically accurate, and used real information. Dantes peak to me just felt like an over the top disaster movie with a lot of exhaggerated scientific facts thrown in. But that’s just me🙂

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